Read more ...O God Almighty, Your Son suffered on the Cross and died for the salvation of people. Imitating Him, Your Servant Archbishop Eduard Profittlich S.J. loved You from the bottom of his heart, served You faithfully during the persecutions and devoted his life to the Church. Make him known in the assembly of Your blessed, so that by the example of his faithfulness and love would shine the whole world. I pray to You through his intercession, hear my request ...... through Christ our Lord. Amen.

This prayer is intended to be read in private.

Read more ...Eduard Profittlich was born on September 11, 1890 in Germany, into a peasant family. He studied at the Theological Seminary in Trier. On April 11, 1913, hejoined the Jesuit Order in Heerenberg. On August27, 1922 he was ordained as priest. He received a Doctorate degree in Theology and Philosophy from Kraków University in Poland. In 1924 he was a missionary in Poland, then from 1925 in Germany, in 1927 he served in Hamburg, from 1930 in Tallinn. In 1931, he was appointed as Apostolic Administrator of Estonia and on December 27, 1936 he was consecrated as Bishop.

He remained in Tallinn after Estonia was absorbed into the USSR. He visited the German embassy three times, attempting to get permission for Catholic priests and nuns to leave Germany. In 1941 he was arrested and sent to the prison in Kirov, in Russia and was sentenced to be shot. On February 22, 1942 he died in Kirov prison before the sentence could be carried out.

Archbishop Eduard Profittlich, S.J. was readyto accept martyrdom for the faith. In a letter to his friends and relatives on February 8, 1941 he wrote that it is normal for a priest to remain with his flock, and to accept both joys and sufferings together with his flock. He wrote how joyful it is to feel the presence of God, to whom we gave all, and he wrote that he was ready to give up to Him all his freedom and life: “So my life and my sufferings too, if it is necessary, will be the life and the sufferings for Christ.”

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