Katoliku Kirik Eestis

Masses in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Tallinn from May 10

On 5 May, the Government of the Republic of Estonia decided to lighten the emergency rules for public and religious services starting May 10 2020.

Accordingly, from Sunday, May 10, the usual Mass program will be restored in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

On Sunday, May 10, in addition to the Masses in the cathedral , at 11.45 the Estonian Mass will also take place in St. Catherine's Church (Vene t 14A).

During Mass, the so-called 2 + 2 rule must be followed, which means that one or two people can move, stand or sit together in the church, keeping a distance of at least two meters permanently with those in the room (family members do not have to follow this rule). In total, in the church cannot seat more than 70 people.

The "2 + 2" rule must also be followed when entering and leaving the church, as well as in the church yard.

There is a disinfectant at the door of the church, which we ask people to use both when entering and leaving the church. It is recommended to use face masks.

We ask people who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus( COVID-19 ), their family members or other people living with them, as well as others who feel they are ill, not to attend the Mass. If someone fears for his health, he can still follow the Mass through Internet, and with the bishop's permission, they do not violate Sunday's duty.

On Sunday, May 10, Mass broadcasts will take place on the Youtube channel www.youtube.com/katolikuee as before - at 10.00 (in Polish), 11.30 (in Estonian) and 18.00 (in Russian).

As of May 11, the broadcast of the Mass will no longer take place on the Youtube channel (the only brodcasted liturgy will be the Sunday Mass at 11.30 , in Estonian).

From May 10, the distribution of the Eucharist will take place outside the Mass only if the person personally makes this request to the priest (the current schedule no longer applies).

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